Hurricane Preparedness

The most active time in the Atlantic season is right around the corner. It starts August 20th and peaks around September 10th. Last year, the U.S. was hit by three Category 4 storms. In case of a storm with power outages, you will need to be sure that your fish have proper aeration. If you are in need of an aerator, we can provide them at our store. We’ve stocked our warehouse with battery charged air pumps that can work up to 8 hours when the AC power turns off. This will help put oxygen into the water for your fish and vent out ammonia as it accumulates.

If you do not have a generator or aerator in place and you LOSE POWER, make sure you have a clean bucket on hand that has not had any chemicals in it. You will need to fill that bucket with aquarium/pond water and empty it into the aquarium to create air bubbles in the water. Be sure to do this a few times over and over at least once every couple of hours.

You will also need to have Ultimate All in One Water Conditioning Treatment on hand . This will help relieve stress on the fish. We can provide this for you at our store as well. Ultimate is going to be on sale for the month of August if you would like to stock up.