Aquarium Services

Love the beauty of an aquarium but don’t have the time or knowledge for the maintenance? No problem, Exotic Aquatic will service your aquarium!
Our team of expert service technicians can handle it all. From water changes, water chemistry testing, cleaning, and maintaining the overall health. We will allow you to kick back and enjoy.
Just give us a call and let us make your life alittle easier, salt or fresh we do it all.


Want a beautiful tank, not sure if you have the skillset or the time, No problem. The staff of Exotic Aquatic will come to you. We will help you decide on the correct tank in the best location in your home. Water parameters, decor, filtration we will get all going for you and when your tank is ready to be stocked we have you covered as well, just give us a call!


Have a busy schedule and need a hand maintaining your tank, not to worry Exotic Aquatic is here for you! If you require either monthly or more frequently (depending on need) changing water, adding essential nutrients to the tank, testing water, nitrate levels and pH, acclimating new fish, cleaning algae, filter cleaning, glass polishing, and surveying aquatic health.

We have you and your tank covered.




  • Having problems with your tank?
  • Looking to move a tank?
  • Wanting to create a new tank environment?

Exotic Aquatic can handle all of your needs